four Verizon Wireless: Rule the Air 

October 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Recently, Verizon Wireless unveiled their new campaign concentrated around the slogan, “Rule the Air.”

This follows their old campaign with the slogan which customers are all too familiar with, “Can you hear me now?” While this was an incredibly successful campaign, I am happy to turn on my TV without having to hear the repeating line.

So far I really like this “Rule the Air” campaign, it’s visually appealing and I constantly find it repeating in my head as sort of an inspiration for myself. It’s super cheesy, but I can’t help what gets stuck in my head. I can only assume other people are having a similar experience.

This campaign has accompanying mobile apps, reinforcing it. The people represented all seem very confident with lines like, “I don’t send texts, emails, and updates, I send Me, Myself, and I.” Once you watch the video on the landing page, you can mouse over about twenty faces and read empowering quotes. This website is super interactive, and actually fun to browse. It’s easy to forget that Verizon is trying to get me to sign a two-year contract, not just providing entertainment.

This ad on the landing page of Verizon Wireless seems to be very inclusive, and actually empowering for young women, but that’s where the inclusiveness ends.  The problem I have with “Rule the Air,” is there lack of diversity within ads placed, where it would still be effective advertising—I think even more effective. I flipped open the October 4, 2010 issue of Time Magazine to find two Verizon ads—One on the left side of a spread and the second on the right side of the next spread. One had an old white male and the other had a slightly younger white male. I totally get that white men read Time Magazine, but so do women and minorities, and Verizon is missing out on this opportunity. They have two ads anyway, why not make one a woman?

Despite the slight woes of the way these ads are placed, I say, “good for you Verizon.” I appreciate the attempt at empowering women while providing entertainment and selling phones and plans to the millions of white men wanting to buy them and ditch AT&T’s dropped calls and poor service. Overall, you get my stamp of approval.


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