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October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Facebook AdsFacebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Three social networking sites that have turned into “Entire Life” sites for teenagers and college students everywhere, which equals advertising jackpot—sort of. The technology to personalize ads to individual people is a privilege that this generation of advertisers has, that previous generations have not. This is a chance to capitalize on groups people are in, pages they are fans of, personal information they post, and their likes. Wow!!!

But wait, there are limits to this magical zone of infinite information. This system still needs to be honed and worked on, and then there are the privacy laws and the general public’s fears that advertising is cornering them. The way I see it: efficient economics. You want something. They want you to buy that something. Personalized advertising tells you where to find it. There is less waste to sort through, lets just say, Facebook knows what you want before you even want it. That is convenience.

Then we have to consider the fact that companies can make their own pages. Starbucks has over 14 million likes. That’s 14 million people that found Starbucks on Facebook and made an active decision to see their advertisements, and hey, maybe they’ll get some free stuff out of it.

I’m pretty sure advertising is not what Mr. Facebook creator had in mind when he created the college networking site, but it sure is a perk that I’m glad we have access to.


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