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October 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

2007 (Don’t get too excited, Blockbuster once again has late fees.)

Blockbuster. The movie rental company is rapidly spiraling down in the poor economy where Netflix and Redbox are flourishing. Why? I turn to Marty Neumeier’s Zag for answers. Neumeier says the only ways to make it in this cruel world are to be the only or the best. Makes sense to me, but Blockbuster didn’t quite get the memo. They’ve been doing all the wrong things on their way down towards failure and the movie rental store family plot with Hollywood Video.

First, when Netflix started posing a huge threat to Blockbuster, what did they do? Blockbuster tried to beat them at their own game. Not going to happen, and Blockbuster should have known that. There was no way that Blockbuster would suddenly come from behind and be the leader of DVD to home, no late fees shipping. Netflix has that on lock.

Alright, they couldn’t win there, so that was a waste of money. Lesson learned…right?

WRONG. Next, since they couldn’t beat Netflix, Blockbuster tried to enter another market that they had no chance of winning, Redbox’s, instant, $1/ night, limited selection, DVD rental stations. Once again, they  trashed there money, trying to follow another brand they had no business following.

Now Blockbuster movie rentals are available on Android phones , so there trying to be the new iTunes too? This may work while iTunes is unavailable for non-Apple phones, but we all know that Verizon Wireless’s Droid phones by Motorola and HTC are second to the iPhone anyway. Again, Blockbuster joined the second place team. I suppose it fits in with Blockbuster’s attempt to fit in and be lost in the void of generic movie-rental companies.

Wow, a 3.5″ screen to watch a movie on??? That is unbelievable! Way better than that huge monitor in front of you that has iTunes. It just doesn’t make sense.

My solution: Blockbuster should hold their ground. Hollywood video is gone (and looking to get rid of it’s domain name), so what does Blockbuster have that Netflix and Redbox don’t?

Format taken from Zag page 66-68

  • What? The only Movie Rental store
  • How? with real movies available instantly
  • Who? for customers who like to browse for movies in real life
  • Where? in a real building in their own neighborhood
  • Why? because employees are movie-experts
  • When? in a time of impersonal communication and information overload.

Blockbuster, if I was your branding agency, I’d have done this^  and stuck to your guns.


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