twelve What brand is that?

October 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

Recently, Quiznos has been putting out some pretty weird ads. Most of you have probably seen the ad from back in 2006 with dancing rodent puppets in front of the store, and if you haven’t, it’s probably worth a view.  This one was pretty odd, but nowhere close to what Quiznos has been doing lately.

They have dancing cats, seals, squirrels, and dogs (click on the links to view) singing a horrible song “5,4,3…5,4,3…” Every commercial has the exact same song, sometimes in a slightly different voice depending on the animal, and they are awful! I really don’t know what Quiznos was thinking, and why they think this was a good idea. Yes, the commercials are memorable, but no, they do not make me want Quiznos. In fact, they make me want to take a baseball bat to my TV and go to Subway.

As Rob Baird said when he skyped into my Creative Strategy class, “Would you want to watch this?” My answer is definitely NO, and I have yet to find anyone who disagrees. I’m confused about how Quiznos is trying to brand itself.

Scary part: I actually currently work for this company and provide toasty sandwiches to the University of Oregon area. Most of the in-store promotional materials are pretty neat, they have taken a sustainable angle, with compostable bags and wraps that use less paper than before. Even my apron is made out of recycled bottles, as the fact is proudly printed right on there.  The other stuff in the store is very bold—bright colors, glittery stools, and flavorful sauces. If Quiznos branded itself as bold, and informed the public that it always has “5 dollar foot-longs” of deli sandwiches that are actually way better than Subway, I think people would actually go there.

This restaurant chain isn’t doing too hot right now, and its horrible commercials are very representative of that. Quiznos is doing a wonderful job branding itself as another failing store.


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  • deb morrison says:

    Interesting. One of the important audiences that Quiznos has is its employees. Maybe you send them a real letter — from a creative strategist who know what the brand could be — and see what they say. Go all the way to the top of the marketing chain. You make a good point that a bold approach could be good, differentiate them from the category.

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