fourteen The youngstas

October 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Adweek says the majority of Media all stars right now are super young. I say yes, they are, and I like it—at least as a student about to go hit the job market. They need us and I am glad!

BUT WAIT, I’m also getting older!

So what does that mean for me when I hit 30? Retirement? Well maybe social security will still be around then, but I can’t claim it yet. So what? How do we stay young? How do we, as advertising professionals stay crazy and original and new and unprecedented?

Once again, I’m not sure, but some people really manage to tackle that. It’s brainstorming, it’s risktaking, it’s talking to people, and maybe even getting a younger partner. OR maybe the solution is to seek your past—don’t be afraid to do more research. Pull from other stuff. Hit the local library, go people watching. Watch the strange things people are doing.

When I hit the industry, I will never get boring. If I do, I sure hope I can kick myself before the reality check of the harsh industry sheds their old skin.


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