sixteen Doritos 360*

October 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

Doritos released a 360* video on youtube by AMV BBDO on October 13. It’s augmented reality and the best I’ve seen yet. As of this post, they have almost 5,000 views on the 2D version. It’s hard to tell how many have viewed the 3D, but an embeddable version is coming soon!  This thing is a whole new experience to watch. It feels like a video game, but you don’t have to worry about being shot at, plus it’s real, seemless footage. The video does take a while to load, but the whole 360 view is seemless, very cool and interactive. I basically like this a lot.

AMV BBDO has over 70 clients and is the largest agency in the UK, it does sometimes seem to fall into many large agency traps —a bit of a factory. However, the Doritos team has managed to stay cutting edge and put out this video which will surely get loads of attention on Facebook and Twitter. It’s one of the first of it’s kind, which works so well, and I think confirms Doritos branding towards late night, edgy, spicy stuff.

The nature of the video creates space where action is happening but the viewer misses it, which is a super interesting thing because it makes me want to watch 13 times to make sure I catch everything that’s going on “behind me.” What else could be done with this technology? Housesitting, interactive meetings abroad—no more texting under the table, incredible tours of pretty much anything. Imagine this kind of video about a football game where you’re right in the action. Look right, Quarterback’s getting sacked, left, that fan is spilling chili down his shirt. gross, but then you can turn away, back to the play.


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