twenty-two BK getting personal

October 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

Burger King released a new breakfast campaign a couple months ago. Today I saw something new, a BK commercial on a hulu video, and it was personalized. I typed in my name, and BK played a commercial directed towards me. It was slightly creepy, but not completely since I did give them my name. Either way, it was interesting enough that I went to their website looking for the commercial, but my efforts came up empty. This is pretty cool, and it got my attention when the previous commercials didn’t.


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  • Kerry says:

    Its early morning and I haven’t had breakfast yet. As a woman I found this commercial unappetizing. The guy in the white boxers, t-shirt and a bit of bare stomach, definitely doesn’t make me think–mmm…I want to eat breakfast at burger king. With the food taking such a small role in the commercial, makes me wonder about the breakfast itself. Wondering if this an appealing add campaign to men and if other women are turned off by it. Guess it works for bk if its gripping the attention of half the population.

    I bet this was a bit freaky when you put your name in and got the personalized version.

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