twenty-four VOTE

November 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

The first Tuesday after the fist Monday of November VOTE DAY!

Without seeing the results…

What stood out?

Art Robinson car magnets.

These things were unavoidable when driving around Eugene. Over 25,000 tray-sized magnets were distributed and stuck on the sides of cars all over the state. They overpowered all other candidates bumper stickers. Yard signs also helped support this campaign. All of this was provided for free by the Robinson campaign.


Oregon Student Association Vote OR Vote Campaign

OSA plastered the University of Oregon campus with these signs during the days leading up to the registration deadline. There were buttons floating around, and I couldn’t get anywhere on campus without being asked to register at least twice.

The part I don’t like about this is that it was annoying. Some people definitely did not register because they wanted to spite the people asking.


John Kitzhaber phone calls.

Obama called me today with a recorded message endorsing John Kitzhaber. This was odd to have in my voicemail inbox, but also seemed effective. The president’s endorsement is useful to have, in most cases, which is the risk in this campaign. Those people who were potentially going to vote for Kitzhaber, but don’t like President Obama will be turned off by the phone call.



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