twenty-three No Build Take Over

November 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

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Eugene, OR. West 11th Avenue. Home to Walmart, Target, Fred Meyer, Home Depot, and virtually every other store the community of Eugene needs to go to.

The EMX is a service of the Lane Transit District (LTD), it’s a bus that runs about every 10–15 minutes from downtown Eugene to downtown Springfield and has over 1.5 million boards per year. The LTD proposed an extension of this project to go to West 11th Avenue. This would take many cars off the road and provide a huge service to Eugene, BUT building it will be a huge inconvenience to the businesses on 11th.

I didn’t really know about this issue until driving down West 11th, and seeing roughly 14 billion “EMX NO BUILD” signs on every business. They have taken over, and it is a great example of a grass-roots movement. Even though I would have liked an EMX towards Target, I now know that all those businesses would go under if the project was undertaken. Props to whoever did this, it really took over.


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