twenty-eight Could Should

November 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” This line has been coming up everywhere this week: Facebook, blogs, my brain when I see horrible things.  Businesses with no business on Facebook shouldn’t be on Facebook. If your target audience doesn’t watch the Super Bowl, don’t spend millions to be on the Super Bowl.

Many companies want to do things just because they can, but it is not smart branding. Be loyal to your consumers and they’ll be loyal back. It’s all about trust. Like a friendship:

Person A(the brand) is best friends with Group A(the customers). Person A shares lots of emotions with Group A, they have sleepovers and tell ghost stories: real special. Person A goes out and tries to mesh with Group B, breaks into their sleepovers, shares way too much information and appears to be the outcast. Now, Group B hates Person A because he or she really did not belong. Group A also hates Person A for abandoning them and sharing their personal stories with Group B.  Person A is friendless and must go through the long process of rebuilding trust.

Friend and Brand diagram

Have Purpose. Be Smart. Be Loyal.


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