thirty-two Baseball and Ad Team

November 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series!

I realize it is old news by now, but I want to call attention to why. Why did the Giants win the 2010 World Series? Teamwork, no one player stole the credit. In the past, Barry Bonds has stolen the spotlight and not allowed the team to fully function as one unit. This year, they were one team, not 20 separate stars.

This brings me to advertising and working in teams as a whole. A team isn’t one player, one executive, it’s the combination of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. An idea can come from anywhere, the reception, the janitor, the intern, or the 30-year veteran. The team working behind a brand is a huge part of what that brand eventually becomes. One idea man can’t make the team, they can’t make the brand. It takes everyone to execute the ads, get them placed, code the apps, and do everything else involved in producing a campaign and building a brand.

Remember the 2010 San Francisco Giants, everyone is important.


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