Classic from Leatherman

January 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I saw this ad in “The Creative Process Illustrated” and just loved it. It’s from 1996 and done by Sasquatch Advertising.

The ad is one piece of a series called “Tool Tales” that tell stories of how people use their Leatherman. It is such a simple idea, but it very effectively tells Leatherman’s story and why each Leatherman means so much to each user. They even include a mailing address and phone number at the bottom of the print ad, something even in 1996 wasn’t done a lot, but fits the Leatherman’s user’s need to know as much as possible and have the means to find out more. By having a series of these stories, these ads are almost a game for people looking to find more. I imagine it’s exciting to find a new tale in a magazine.

"Leatherman Tool Tales" adNot only is this a great campaign, Leatherman reports that it actually inspired them to create a new product:

“In 1995, Leatherman reported sales of over one million units of the Leatherman Super Tool – a tool that featured the first locking blades that promote user safety.  One year later the company embarked upon an advertising campaign showing real life stories of Leatherman users’ using their Leatherman product in survival situations.  The Leatherman Super Tool inspired Leatherman’s creation of the Leatherman Wave.” (

When ads actually inspire the client to become more innovative, I would say the job is done.


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