I’ll tell you in a minute.

February 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Procrastination is a “problem” faced by most pre-college students, college students, post-college students, and non-college folks. Is it a problem?

I think not. Procrastination is an opportunity. It’s a time in every person’s life when there are millions of things they would do to avoid one thing. That just screams doors opening to me. Open about 15 and then right when you think you may not do whatever it is you are procrastinating, you do it and open that 16th door. Good work. Rather than 1 door, you just increased productivity by 1500%. Does that sound like a problem to you?

I give you 2 scenarios:

1: I write a paper the day before it’s due because I’m not procrastinating. Finally! I’m done, now I can reward myself by watching tv, kicking it with my buds, eating deliciously sweet and fatty foods, and maybe even a little sleep. Final completed tasks=1

2: I am not going to write this paper until the very last minute because there is no chance in hell that I would sacrifice doing anything for this paper. For the 3 days leading up to due time, I clean my house, grocery shop, do all other homework that is way more fun, pick up some extra shifts at work, maybe a few blog posts, design that website for that group, hell I probably even cook an extravagant meal for my partner, we’ll call it a date. The night before due day, I pound out the paper in a time of glory, proud of my efficiency. Final completed tasks=8

Do the math. Procrastination=No problem.



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