What’s in a can?

February 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

Diet Pepsi is releasing their soda in a skinny can soon. Ad Age has the full story here. While there is some controversy in what a skinny can says about ideal body image, I think the shape is fun. The problem people have is that skinny=cool, but they don’t seem to have a problem when Diet Pepsi says Diet=trendy. I believe the controversy should blow over pretty quickly, revealing a differently shaped can.

5 Izze juice cans lined up in green, red, yellow, and purple

The can is gravitating towards products like izze and many diet energy drinks, but is still 12 ounces. I am excited for the grand release of the can, outside of small fashion circles that have already tried it. However I hope that Pepsi won’t use a skinny, taller can as an excuse for a $6 12 pack.

I love package redesigns, but I do wonder if this is a limited time offer or will be a consistent thing. AND Will it need the top shelf of the fridge? Because that is just not ok.


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