iPad claim may be a little padded

February 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

 iPad layed flat on white backgroundThe iPad was marketed to the public as magic. The concept seemed to be: iPad will change lives. While it is quite innovative as the “real life size” version of the iPhone that doesn’t make phone calls, It functions within what people create for it. Without apps, it’s really just a laptop screen. What good is a keyboard-less laptop with no special programs? Not a whole lot of good.

My suspicion is the apps aren’t as magical as we expected, or the magic ones just aren’t very useful. It’s really cool to see someone composing music on the pad in the commercial, but how many of us would stand up at our party and use the iPad to DJ? Apps that aren’t very useful sell the iPad but really don’t do much for everyday users. Those that are useful aren’t as magic as we had hoped. Email can’t read my mind and Safari is still not a jungle. Most useful apps just have slightly different interfaces than on a regular computer. AND Flash still doesn’t run on the iPad.

By not allowing Flash on the iPad, Apple is demonstrating how they monitor everything on the device. While most players are free on any other pc, they are not even allowed on iPad. It’s a limiting device that is marketed as a life-expander.

I commend Apple for creating a device so sought after for no real reason, but I question how far it will go. As the iPad 2 comes out in early march, I hope the apps get better, and consumers buy with more than magic tokens.


Dave Allen, North, Blog






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