Gen Y Collaborates

May 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

This NY Times article claims that Generation Y-ers are not actually lazy like people say we are. Yes, we have more opportunities at our finger tips. We search Google, not the library. We have addresses auto-filled and contacts and calendars automatically updated. We look lazy, stationary with a laptop across our legs, but within an hour we can accomplish more than most generations: Bills paid, multiple newspapers and websites read, blog post done,  a few friends contacted, plans made for later, photos edited and shared with the world via social media.

“To older workers, wanting help looks like laziness; to younger workers, the gains that come from teamwork have been learned from the collaborative nature of their childhood activities, which included social networks, crowd-sourcing and even video games like World of Warcraft that “emphasize cooperative rather than individual competition,” Mr. Tapscott says.”

Work and play have crossed lines, and Gen Y knows how to use play to make work better. We can ask for advice, join forums, and seek creative inspiration in a matter of seconds.

It’s true that we are a generation of multi-taskers and team workers. Yesterday, from the comfort of my home I tweeted and Facebooked my new website, and within ten minutes, as I had moved on to other studies, four people gave me feedback. Now I can edit and send out another version before the weekend is over. And all of this while business cards are simultaneously being printed many states over and shipped to me.

Generation Y is not lazy, we simply prize efficiency.

(Thanks @colindrummond for the article tweet)


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