Social Flights

June 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

America socializes about deals now. It’s just what we do. With Groupon and Living Social, people are saving money—or buying useless things—because other people are doing it. Now, a new idea, a bigger idea has entered the market. Social Flights charters small private planes, but fills them up to split the bill. For the same price, or even less than a commercial flight, you can have cushy seats, drink holders, and plenty of small plane turbulence.

In theory this is a brilliant idea, but I only see  a short period of success before Social Flights gets too big, and needs bigger planes, and becomes a commercial airline. The other outcome I see is when people are counting on a flight, thinking it will fill up, when it doesn’t and they are forced to buy an expensive last-minute commercial ticket.

When flying to ‘optional’ destinations, where vacationers can taste wine and swim with dolphins, Social Flights will take off. Like Groupon or Living Social, these flights are fun, they’re extra. They probably won’t take any market share from commercial airlines, but will add a new category for spontaneous, extraneous travelers.


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