Steve Jobs’ Challenge to Innovate

October 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Steve Jobs put his money in innovation. When the company that would later become Pixar neared collapse, he invested in animation. He invested in the passion of people to make their dream of emotional computer animation come true. Ten years later, he still believed and Toy Story emerged.  Jobs brought Apple to the forefront of computers, music, and everything else the company delved into. I can learn much from this innovator, and the world would be more efficient if we all took a lesson from him.

We should believe in people—while not everyone has ten million dollars to invest in a struggling animation company with passionate employees, we can all learn to recognize passion and potential of people striving to achieve. Sometimes we will all fail, and our ideas will crash and burn, but the difference between an idea in the burning wreckage and one soaring at the speed of light could be a tiny calculation error. We must keep trying and keep moving to create and innovate. In a country where focus is on the homeland, where we’re dropping out of the space race and merely surviving, people like Steve Jobs keep us moving. I’ll take his passing as a challenge to continue and fight to progress and build and really live. Because for me, and hopefully for many more passionate people, surviving is not enough.

Many of my peers and I will graduate from college this year and leave the university setting where research and optimism are the norm. I challenge all of us to not settle for survival. Whatever you are passionate about, believe in it. Believe that every one of us has something big to offer the world. We are a generation emerging as Steve Jobs stood up for innovation, as technology gets twice as small and twice as fast every two years. We have an opportunity beyond what any other generation has experienced to create, and live to see the effect our inventions have. As Professor Deb Morrison would say… Lets do this.



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