Understanding Quality

October 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

23% of single-parent households with an oldest child that is female watch TLC. Media planners I’ve talked to say that so much is about the numbers.

I’ve dipped my big toe into Media Planning—the whole foot will come soon but this water is very cold. Anyway, while recently perusing MRI, I suddenly realized why I see so many ads that don’t make sense in certain media outlets. Yes, MRI is awesome—it is fantastic that I can see what percentage of men in single parent households watch the Disney Channel—that is unparalleled, useful information. BUT that can’t be it. Planners must not choose the top 15 channels or magazines just because of numbers—they must understand why. Why are all these adult men watching Disney and what state of mind are they in while watching. What kind of creative would best reach this audience in this location—how does whatever I am selling, help these people and how can I make sure the message is accessible to them.

I believe in collaboration and quality. When I sit at an early-stage project meeting as a writer, I sure hope there are planners, designers, strategists, digital thinkers, and realists sitting around me. And I hope we can all ask questions and ensure the “why” isn’t solely because of numbers.


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