GUESS WHAT. I don’t know everything

February 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

and neither does anyone else. I can concept and design and strategize all day, but I’ll only ever get so far. This post is about the importance of collaboration. There is something magical about sitting down with another person and brainstorming. We both come to the meeting with average ideas, maybe a few starts, but definitely nothing spectacular—nothing near a complete idea. We get to talking and bouncing ideas off each other and the magic forms—like all the words fly off our notes and out of our mouths and form a sculpture of a complete, good, concept.

I couldn’t tell you what makes a good partnership—maybe it’s mutual enthusiasm or communication skills, but really it just has to work. It can be an unlikely friendship but the stream of communication has to be open. The best meetings are when no one holds back, we throw it all out on the table and figure it out. Bad stuff gets trashed, good stuff is nourished and the average is reworked.

Even when I’m not directly working on a team, collaboration is still a vital part of my creative process. I work–show–get critiqued–rework, then go through that process again. Nobody can think about every user or every person that will view an ad or use a product—but together, we can get as close as possible.

My “Top Technology Pro” class recently developed user stories together to brainstorm a Mt. Hood mobile app. We worked off each other’s ideas and came up with way more user-stories than we could ever categorize. The process didn’t go any further, but it was great evidence that people need to work together to achieve maximum efficiency.

Even the most independent people need help over the huge brick wall of creativity.


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