Iterations and Babies.

February 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is a baby. Ok, you’re smart and already knew that. Now you’re wondering, why are you showing me a baby? 2 reasons: 1) Babies are cute. 2) This post is about iterations, which means sometimes when working on a project, you must give up your baby even though you love it.

Regardless of your field, everyone has experienced this at some point whether or not they actually decided to get rid of the baby and find a new one. I’m guessing that if they kept their baby, they loved it and nurtured it while everyone else walked by wondering whose ugly baby was in the stroller. I realize this is a rough analogy, but it’s important. I often find myself pouring over a project, neck deep in whatever it is, absolutely committed to loving this baby. I feel so good about it then I ask for advice. (I’ve given babies up before so I know what’s coming here, but it’s still hard) On the first round, it usually goes something like: “I like where you’re going here, but this isn’t quite it.” Which means, scrap it and start over.

The point is, it’s fine to love your baby/project, but if you know it’s not going anywhere and people are telling you it’s not working…listen. In the end, the multiple iterations will result in a better project that exists because the world needed it, not because you and your mom loved it.



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