Ending the Beginning

March 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

As this term comes to a close and marks what is pretty close to the end of my formal education, I thought I’d summarize some things that I’ve recently learned. So here you go.

Life is mysterious and sometimes it’s best to just go with it.
At the end of February, I was laid off from my job at the student paper because the publisher shut my whole department down. I can describe it as ridiculous and all those words that I’m sure you can think of yourself. After being pissed off for a while, I started up my job search and ended up with a recommendation from my department head at this student paper that just laid me off. She passed my portfolio on and exactly one month later I am starting a real job. It’s not quite my dream job, but it is a really good job, and a very important stepping stone to getting there. From this comes another lesson:

When you take yourself seriously, people take you seriously.
I tend to think of things in terms of value. How much value am I adding to this situation? How much value am I getting out of this situation? Is the value I’m getting worth the cost? I’m a little strange and I realize this, but it’s just the way I think. Anyway, I always try to maximize the value I’m getting out of something by contributing value, which really means that I take myself seriously. Not in the mean way, just in the “I know enough about what I’m doing to know that I sort of know what to do and I can talk about it with you” kind of way. As I enter the “real world” that people like to think of, I realize that there is only one world and it’s all real. The mindset is what’s different and as I stop thinking of myself as a student and start thinking of myself as valuable in many situations outside of the classroom, other people see me as that too.

Doing what you love is fun.
This one seems a little obvious but it gets forgotten all the time. I have been working with a team of 11 other people for the last few months to construct a mind-blowing campaign to advertise Nissan vehicles to multicultural millennials. We have put more hours into this thing than I even knew existed, but it truly has been fun. It is affirming to see that I really enjoy the career I have chosen. I knew I loved advertising, but Nissan really put that to the test. But I came out on top (at least so far), still loving advertising despite the stress and late nights and early mornings and heated discussions and scrapped ideas and everything else. What’s more fun than fun, and why not have a job that’s fun so you never have to stop having fun?

I’ve learned so much more, but these are the highlights right now.


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