Arguing is good

March 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

I recently read this Fast Company article on something Continuum calls “deliberative discourse.” It’s based on a system of Arguing and Discussing with a common goal in mind. This kind of discourse has been a huge part of ad team recently and I hope it continues to be part of my life. The general idea behind this discourse is that everyone argues for what they believe will solve the common goal then discusses it. The process is repeated until everyone agrees.

I have been in many meetings where people are afraid of conflict, and I hate it. When each member of a team is fighting for what they really think is the best solution to a problem, it shows they’re passionate and not giving up.

When I sit in a meeting and everyone agrees with me (and especially if I agree with everyone), I’ll know it’s time to move on and push myself into another area position. Passion is powerful. I will always choose a passionate team, even if they are not always the most correct.


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