Things worth doing

March 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

This post is about buzz words and new stuff and trends and “must haves” and all that junk. People are smart and they are constantly coming up with brilliant solutions to problems that exist. That part is good, but the issue happens when other people take those brilliant solutions to particular problems and apply them to EVERYTHING.

Responsive Web Design: Great idea. It’s a wonderful solution for many websites that need to be flexible and work on many devices. But it shouldn’t be used for everything, especially image-heavy sites that will take forever to load on small devices.

Phone and tablet applications: YES! Apps are so great for so many things—like games that are fun for more than a day, things that help organize life, or Twitter. But they are absolutely pointless for many other things, like advertising cars and being less-good versions of websites.

This all comes down to strategy. Don’t do something unless it’s worth doing. People waste a ton of money on Superbowl ads, apps, and ads in places that will never be seen by people that matter. Like my last post says, make sure that everything you do is valuable in some way.


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