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May 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

I went to New York City this last week and learned a ton about myself, my peers, advertising, and how they all fit together. The city was incredible and I’m so grateful to have been given an opportunity to expand my horizons beyond the rural that I’m so used to. 

I visited these agencies: Mcgarrybowen, Big Spaceship, Huge, Mr. Youth, Code and Theory, JWT, W+K NY, Jet Blue, and Siegel+Gale.

INSIGHT 1 In many guest visits to the ad school, people always talk about interviewing an agency. They say that it’s just as important that you like the culture there as it is that they like you. This trip really showed me how true that is. There were some places that my peers really loved, and I didn’t. Or places that folks weren’t super excited about, but I was way into. I really realized that this is true—agencies are all so different from each other and it is really okay to not want to work at some of them. 

INSIGHT 2 People are so important. This year has really been about people for me—life is really about relationships and what you make of them. Going to all of these agencies in New York City demonstrated this. Art Directors brought their writing partners along and visa versa. Bosses raved about their wonderful employees. Everyone talked about the culture of an agency all based around the people that work there and how they relate to each other. When account people understand creative, and everyone is on the same team, great ideas happen. When creative directors trust their team, the process just works. 

I learned a lot this week, including much about what I really want out of my career and my life. Thanks to all who contributed and made the week better. The experience continues—I hope we can all continue to help and encourage each other. The people in the SoJC ad school are what make the school successful and that is a valuable lesson in itself. 


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